Traumatic event - panic attack - anxiety - not in control......


February 14, 2019

“Following a very bad accident during which I suffered a serious back injury, I had to have an operation which would result in months of healing.

Immediately afterwards I really struggled with the pain. I suffered  from frequent panic attacks and when the time came for me to leave the house again, my anxiety kept getting the better of me. Working alongside my hospital consultant, I had a weekly session with  Antonina in which we worked on the uses of hypnotherapy to get me  through each week. I found the personal MP3 recordings that Antonina made, which were specific to me, really helpful and were perfect to use when ever I felt I needed to.

It’s amazing to look back at the progress that I made each week with the help of Antonina, as simple tasks such as leaving the house and walking into a crowded place had become so difficult.

Within a few weeks I was able to take back control.

I would recommend AMendola Hypnotherapy to anyone who has suffered from a traumatic event, anyone who suffers from panic attacks or anxiety, or anyone who feels like they are not in control anymore”.

M Fanning – age 21.

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