Welcome to A Mendola Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has the potential to positively change unwanted habits, thoughts and behaviours. It works by tapping into your inner resources to effect beneficial change and stimulate the innate healing capacity of your own body.

Working with the power of your own mind can result in profound effects. Hypnotherapy creates a state of mental and physical relaxation which enables your subconscious to communicate with your conscious mind to access your inner potential.

Hypnotherapy can be

  • Effective and transformative
  • Fast and affordable
  • Safe and non-invasive
  • Versatile and applicable to many different situations
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Antonina Mendola

I specialise in confidence building, motivation and overcoming anxiety and fears. Helping people to conquer their unwanted habits and self-limitations.

What people say about A Mendola Hypnotherapy

"I was struggling with anxiety and low confidence before an important job interview. Antonina’s session helped me to develop techniques to be calm, focussed and confident. I got the job and I think this was in large part due to Antonina. Thank you for your help."

A Hughes

"Antonina has a unique gift of being able to communicate with an extremely wide variety of people. Her ability to work with clients with extremely complex needs and provide intensive support for personal change is in my experience unparalleled."

F Taylor – Non Executive Member Aneurin Bevan Health Board

"Just to say thank you for freeing me. I now trust myself to live my life to the full and by damn am I gonna!"

T Smith